Dan Browns Haghia Sophia in Inferno was reconstructed with Additive Manufacturing

The 1500 year old Haghia Sophia (Ayasofya) has been the only building in the world  serving for Pagan, Christian and the Islam. Inside and outside of Hagia Sophia, there are columns, doors, marbles and different other artifacts from earlier civilisations dating back to 5th century BC.

Inspired from the magnificant construction, 25 years ago, scientist from MIT invented a method to layer by layer reconstruct objects in details. The process is crucial for using the machine for quality manufacturing...


Simulation Assisted Optimisation for the Manufacturing of the Future

What is Additive Manufacturing and
How Does it Work? Sustainability for a Clean Environment and Saving Ressources...

Use your Precious Advanced Materials Efficiently!

Accelerate product development and prototyping by reduced footprint

Manufacture parts cost-efficiently and controlled using CFD/FEM based process calculations

Contribute to a clean environment and save your ressources through digitalised and sustainable product development

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