❝Responsible R&D and sustainability are the guiding principles of everything we do at DTE, both internally and externally. We strive to research and develop new products and processes that will make a real difference in transdisciplinary sciences such as smart functional textiles, energy from renewable sources, and computer sciences❞. 
Team  DeepTech Engineering 


We Develop Technology Built by Science

  • Concept-to-solution product and process development
  • Optimisation using inovative methods

Artificial Intelligence  for Optimisation

  • Fiber materials; Length, diamater, orientation, cross-section (rectangular, round, elliptical, rosetta, hollow, bi-component), blending ratio and many more...
  • Yarn ; count, material type (natural, metallic or non-metallic, polymeric), yarn twist, strength, elongation, blending ratio etc.
  • Textile fabrics:  (nonwoven, knitted, woven), foams and other porous materials. Leg openings, stich width, mesh number, warp/weft diameter and pitch,  fabric pattern (plain/twill/satin),  multi layer composite laminates, matrix type etc.
  • Textile machinery operational process settings such as drying and impregnation/finishing parameters, conveyer belt speed, energy consumption, air velocity and distribution, furnace parameters etc.  

Innovation Built by Science and Sustainability

DeepTech Engineering is conscious of the responsibility as a company and that our advanced research will have an impact on society, our experts, the local region, the environment and our business sector. That’s why our values are considered thoughout our transdiscipilinary development activities.

Our customers are demanding sustainable solutions. Thats why we also strive to make our integrative engineering products and processes as well as methods sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly fitting to the global change.



Product and process development can be achieved by advanced numerical methods and implemented on digital platforms during the development phase –  This minimises the number of development cycles cost effectively.



Innovative materials and manufacturing methods enable extensive functional integration, such as involving energy harvesting or additive manufacturing-3D printing technologies that can create complex structures without additional tools.



With the change into a new Industry phase and use of Deep Technologies, our increasingly networked digital era is opening up new opportunities transforming existing traditional testing and  simulation research methods and creating new challenges for the professional business world.


Clean Environment

Environmental impacts are important aspects in the development and optimization of innovative products and efficient processes. We are sytematically improving  our engineering and scientific apporaches and services with an emphasise on their energy consumption, efficient use of resources. Wherever economically and technically viable, we use the best available technologies and methods to find target oriented solutions and provide best customer satisfaction.

© DeepTech Engineering

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